Saturday, 15 December 2012

What Day Is It?

I started writing this yesterday trying to keep it light and somewhat amusing.  I am still going to post it today.  But before I go on with my somewhat normal life I did want to acknowledge the evil that struck yesterday and send heartfelt sympathy to the residents of Newtown, Connecticut.  The tragedy that happened in their little town is unbearably sad and as a parent I cannot imagine what those people are going through.  I went home last evening and watched the reports and my skin just broke into gooseflesh.  That kind of violence should never happen and is horrific under any circumstances, but when it involves children that young … unforgivable!

On with … WHAT DAY IS IT?

Wow … where has the week gone?

It’s Saturday already.

This is the time of year when everything turns into a blur.  I was so proud of myself this year for having my Christmas shopping done early but that never eliminates all the things that have to be done at the last minute.  I did a whole whack of my holiday baking last Sunday (my only day off in the week) but still have a couple of things to make that do not keep as well as cookies.  So that’s on the agenda this weekend.  As far as diet goes … don’t worry … I have enlisted a small group of taste testers just to make sure everything tastes the way it’s supposed to.

Of course, I always question whether they are just being flattering so I have to have a nibble of everything myself.  Hey … just to make sure it does taste right!  Okay ignore what I said earlier maybe you should worry about me just a little bit.  Honestly, I really tried not to overdo, but (hanging my head in shame) things might have gotten a little out of hand when it came to the Hermit Cookies. 

Alas, that probably explains why the scales at my TOPS weigh-in did not move this week.  Yup, it was one of those “stay the same” weeks.  As if that’s not embarrassing enough, despite my best intentions
(and we all know where that paved road leads).  And despite the topic of my last two blog posts nary once did I work out this week.  My virtual walk/run trip is going to take just that much longer.  L

Maybe I was setting myself up for failure trying to start all this right before one of the biggest eating holidays of the year?  NO !!!  I refuse to think like that.  After all, had I not been somewhat aware of what I was putting in my mouth, instead of complaining right now about staying the same on the scale this week I would no doubt be complaining about having to make two more batches of Hermit Cookies because I ate the first batch. They are that good!  And they freeze really well!  Even I am seldom desperate enough to eat frozen cookies.

STOP IT – Yes, I know about the microwave – SHHHUSHHHH – I’m in denial!

So what have I been doing this week instead of eating sensibly and working out?  On Monday evening we had out TOPS potluck Christmas dinner.  Let me tell you, when we all get together for a dinner its no wonder we are all members of a weight loss program.  As a group we ladies sure can put on quite a spread.  Most of it was fairly good (diet-wise) … low cal turkey chili, low fat cheese ball, salads, and veggies.  We won’t discuss the fact that some rebellious people actually showed up with desserts.  Neither will we discuss the fact that they were consumed.  The picture to the left illustrates that interesting, nutritious, low calorie, eye appealing dishes can be prepared for potluck dinners.  Needless to say none of our dishes were quite that on point.  Just goes to show that no one is perfect and we all slip up once in a while.  Can’t beat your self up over it.  It’s done – move past it and get right back on track as soon as you leave the room.  Again … maybe I (we) may have all slipped up and unconsciously given our selves permission to be lenient, but I know for myself I was very aware of the portions I placed on my plate.  After all (looking around furtively) what if they were all watching?  No, the group is not that petty, but the thought was in the back of my head.  Kept me within the parameters of sensible portions.

What else?  Oh yes … I finished some pom-pom snowmen and t-shirt scarves that I had promised to have ready for a seasonal craft fair.

I made two square-knot-tied quilts for my daughters as Christmas gifts and wanted to include a pillow in the gift so I had to get those done.  The quilts have been done since September, but of course being a procrastinating fool, the pillows were a last minute project.  Since I was in the crafting mood I decided to make some “rein beer” for my sons-in-law as a kind of gag gift.  Naturally I had used all the pipe cleaners, had no googly eyes or little red pom-poms so that involved a trip to my local Michaels Craft store.  Oh, of course a trip to the beer store too since I don’t keep “specialty brews” or, for that matter, any beer on hand.  It’s okay … they love their mother-in-law!

My grand-puppy had to go in for emergency surgery so I decided to make him some home made dog treats for his Christmas stocking since he enjoyed them so much last year.  Don’t judge me … I don’t have grandchildren to spoil.  At least I wasn’t tempted to nibble on those … although they are made from real food so I guess you could … NAAHHHH!

Yes, I DO bring it on myself.

Yes I am a bit a lunatic around Christmas.

Yes, I need to stop looking at Pinterest DIY boards.

I guess what I am trying to say this week is that we all live real lives.  Things need to get done.  Some things we have to do and some things we want to do, both equally important.  Not every choice we make is going to be the wisest choice.  Forgive yourself and get back on program right away.

In retrospect – a “stay the same” weigh-in was personally acceptable.  On to seeing lower numbers next weigh-in!  Have a good week all as I close with some diet key words to go along with the season …

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