Thursday, 30 May 2013

Thursday's Random Thought (Mixed Messages)

I don't often go to the grocery store on Friday because it is always busy, and invariably, that's the day that they decide to only have three of the seven available cashiers working at the same time.  Don't even get me started on that topic!  However, this week I had no choice.  I had a pretty full weekend agenda and desperately needed a few essentials.  So off I went to my neighbourhood grocery store - after work - at 6:00 p.m. on Friday evening.

I finished my trip up and down the aisles, double checked my list to make sure I hadn't forgotten anything.  As much as I hate to admit it, unless its same old/same old for the week I now have to resort to making a list if I am planning to purchase anything out of the ordinary.  If I want to try a new recipe that calls for something not in my pantry I have to write it down!  I have been known (on more than one occasion) to go to the store for something, spot some specials, leave the store with three grocery bags and when I got home realized that I had not purchased the item I went in for in the first place.

I'm getting off track here ...

So back to the grocery store on Friday evening ...

As I am standing in line at the check out I glance at the selection of magazines on display (really - what else is there to do?) and not for the first time notice the mixed messages they are sending out in full living colour.  I am all for getting healthy eating and dieting information for many different sources.  After all what works for one person does not necessarily work for another.  And, who knows, there might be something there that speaks to you and sparks your weight loss journey.  But is it absolutely necessary to promote the newest diet breakthrough, the latest weight loss success story or the revolutionary discovery by Dr. Oz side by side with a mouthwatering picture of the most decadent chocolate cake in the history of cakes?

I ask you - How am I supposed to concentrate of healthy choices when my arch nemesis is mocking me from the cover of Woman's World weekly?  I don't mean to pick on Woman's World Weekly (it really is a pretty good magazine otherwise) because WWW is not the only magazine that commits this faux-pas on a regular basis, but it is unfortunately the most blaring example out there.

Just a few examples for you amusement and edification:

According to the cover in the following issue, I can "lose 6 lbs. this week" AND I "can eat my way happy".  Well, if I really want to ponder on that statement I have already been trying to "eat my way happy" and that's precisely why I need to lose 6 lbs. this week!

The next example offers me the secret to a juice that can "melt belly fat".  I suppose it will go very well with the offer of "guilt-free cupcakes"?  Of course if neither one of those options satisfies my cravings I can always resort to the "No-bake Summer Bliss".

And then there is the "European Obesity Cure!" ... maybe so ... but depending on my mood those words are going to go totally unnoticed next to the pictures of the "Summer Yummy".

This cover promises to reveal the "Biggest Loser secrets".  If you really want to know the secret I can share it with you and save you the price of the magazine ... the real secret is she did not eat the "Cheesecake Bliss" pictured (appropriately) right next to her hips. 

This next cover really packs a wallop!  Not only can you learn to "lose 10 lbs. a week" (a pretty unrealistic and I would think unhealthy way of setting yourself up for failure) but you can find out about a "fat burning tea" and ways to promote "anti-aging".  And if all of that doesn't work for you, you can look down a little further on the cover and learn that it is possible to take "Shortcuts to happiness" by apparently eating cake and cookies.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea.  And let me say right here, I totally understand that magazines are published not only to appeal to a wide range of readers, but also to impart as much interesting information as possible and let's face, to make money.

And yes, I also understand that I can buy the magazine, simply read the articles that appeal to me and skip the rest.  But I dare you to page through a magazine sometime when you are waiting in line at the grocery store (just ignore the nasty looks the store manager gives you when you put it back on the rack) every other page has a beautiful full colour illustration of scrumptious looking food.  I don't know about you, but my will-power is not always running at full throttle and just seeing those pictures is enough to trigger my body into full craving mode.  Not to mention that the pictures are always accompanied by words such as "Bliss", "Yummy" and "Happiness".

I don't need the mixed messages to be the extra test of my stamina!  Do you?

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