Friday, 19 July 2013

Food Friday (A-peeling Information)

Guess what?

A banana a day keeps the doctor away!

New research published in the British Medical Journal found increasing potassium intake by just three to four grams a day lowers the risk of stroke in adults by 2%.  It reduces blood pressure, a major factor in causing strokes, without negatively affecting lipids, hormone levels or kidney function.

Of course, it helps to cut back on the salt too!

The study’s health advice is something you've probably heard before:


Among the many fruits and vegetables that make excellent sources of potassium are tomatoes, bananas, sweet potatoes, oranges, beets, kiwis, squash, spinach, avocados and legumes, such as lentils and kidney beans.
(source: The Saturday Sun April 6, 2013)

And guess what else?

You can use strawberries for a whiter smile!  Once a week, mix 1 mashed strawberry with ¼ teaspoon of baking soda, then brush!  The strawberry’s malic acid and the baking soda’s gentle abrasives will lift surface stains, turning your teeth several shades lighter.

Experts suggest that whiter teeth can make you look up to five years younger.
(source:  Woman;s World Magazine July 22, 2013)

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