Thursday, 1 August 2013

Thursday's Random Thought (Squeeze Out Some Willpower)

On the heels of my post about the stress balls and how massaging certain parts of the hand can impact other body parts I came across a small article explaining that researchers have found a simple secret to boosting your willpower.

If you’re on a diet and find it difficult to avoid the dessert table at the buffet, impossible to not buy a pastry with your coffee, or desperately want a second helping at dinner?  Take heart – there is an easy solution to your lack of willpower.

Keep a coin in your pocket!

Whenever temptation whispers in your ear (or makes your tummy rumble) squeeze the coin.  In this study, dieters who squeezed a coin when seeing cakes, cookies and other mouthwatering food found it far easier to say “No, Thank you”.

Now if you are anything like me you are shaking your head right now wondering who funds this research and how can get some their obviously excess coins to fund some research of my own?

Why does this supposedly work?  Apparently squeezing an object gives a big boost to areas of the brain that regulate willpower!

Hmm – Now, I cannot vouch for the validity of the information, but combined with what was said about the stress ball – it sure couldn't hurt anything.

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