Friday, 14 February 2014

Food Friday (Valentine's Day)


Yup – another day to celebrate – whether there’s a loved one involved or not there is bound to be lots of chocolate and treats around.  Chocolate is my personal demon.  Heart shaped treats at the grocery store, candy bowls in the office, chocolate hearts on the bank counter; it seems everywhere you turn there is a small temptation in which to indulge.  Small temptations that add up quickly to big calories!

If you indulge today … forgive yourself and get back on track tomorrow!

If you resist temptation … congratulate yourself!

I found this idea on line and thought it was a great way to remind yourself to love not only those important people in your life but yourself as well.  Imagine a bowl of fresh fruit on your kitchen or dining room table     with lovely sentiments attached.  I'd love to find this in the morning to go with breakfast and coffee.  It’s a colorful, heartfelt way to celebrate good health AND Valentine’s Day.

And if that special person in your life insists on a gift?  Well, there's always another suggestion ...

Enjoy Valentine’s Day and stay healthy!

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