Thursday, 31 July 2014

Vintage Thursdays 5 ... Weight Loss Ads From the 1920's

I guess for as long as people having been trying to she excess pounds there have been companies and hucksters around trying to make a quick dollar "helping" them do it.  The more things change the more they stay the same.

Here's some vintage ads from the 1920's.  Some of these made me scratch my head, but none baffled me as much as this first one.  Tapeworms?  Really??

Then of course there was the tried and true method of smoking to lose weight!  If only they knew then what we know now!

Ask your slender friends how to end it ... don't starve.  Of course peer pressure always works.  Not!

If peer pressure doesn't seem to do the trick I suppose they thought "shaming" might be the encouragement some people need?  Sheesh!

Did you know that candy can make you lose weight?  Apparently candy with "cerelose" can.  Of course we now know that anything ending in "ose" is just another way of describing sugar and this was no exception.  Cerelose was a trademark name for variations of glucose and dextrose.

Maybe making a product "FREE" would get people on board?  I did try to look up exactly what "Henn-o-kemp" was but got absolutely nowhere trying to find out.  Google got quite snarky with me! (and spellcheck doesn't care for it much either.)

At least they did recognize the significance of exercise ... even if you do it wearing lingerie and heels!  And a bargain to boot at ONLY $59.50.  (I checked and that would amount to $739.83 in 2014 dollars)

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