Saturday, 20 September 2014

Food Friday - Disguising Veggies as "Junk" Food?

Bolthouse Foods (admittedly, a company that I am not familiar with in Ontario) has asked a good question.  What if you disguised fruits and veggies to look more like snack foods … would people (children in particular) be more apt to reach for them? 

I thought it was an interesting idea.

Apparently the idea is not original to Bolthouse.  When Super Sprowts put vegetable super-heroes on healthy, packaged snacks offered at a school salad bar the number of students choosing healthy snacks increased by 250%.
So was this simply a success because of the packaging or did it have something to do with the face that the campaign includes endorsements by celebrities with “kid appeal” including Shaquille O’Neal, as well as a line of products including dishes, books and stuffed characters and live tours?

Does this promote healthier food choices in children? 

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