Monday, 17 March 2014

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Good information from TOPS News Magazine (April/May 2012)

Situations When Ordering a Salad Doesn't Count!

Salad can be the dieter's dream food - so low-cal, so healthy, so absolutely not true in many cases.

Do you recognize any of these salad scenarios?

1.  You drown the salad in high fat dressing.

2.  You eat the fries off you dinner date's plate.

3.  It has words like "explosion", "monster", or "annihilation" in the name.

4.  It comes with bottomless breadsticks.

5.  It's part of the three-course meal after the loaded potato skins and before the brownie volcano eruption.

6.  You wash it down with a jumbo margarita.

7.  It comes in a deep-fried bowl.  (Yes!  Portion size does matter)

8.  You go home and eat everything in sight later because the salad didn't satisfy you.

9.  You only ordered it because it had bacon on it.

10. You didn't really want a salad but thought you were "being good".

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