Thursday, 6 March 2014

Thursday's Random Thought ... Paparazzi

I hate having my picture taken!

Don’t even get me started on the fact that everyone has a cell phone camera now, so “photo ops” happen without a second’s notice … and selfies?  My arms are just not long enough to get a selfie that I would want anyone to see.

Some people are just naturally photogenic, but I am not one of them. 

Unfortunately, there are some situations where I cannot duck into another room to be “accidentally absent” or hide behind the group to camouflage my body.  I always think I look bovine in pictures.  Other times, such as at the TIFF red carpet event I was lucky enough to attend, when Colin Firth was standing right beside me … yup … I wanted my picture taken just for the bragging rights.  (And YES – he is that good looking in real life!)

So why am I even mentioning this in a “weight loss” blog?  Well, whether you have five pounds to lose or fifty-five, there is always an event sometime throughout the year where you know you are going to have to face the dreaded camera.  Despite your best planning and effort you may not have reached you goal weight yet or you fell just shy of where you wanted to be – weight wise – for the particular event.  You know that at weddings, anniversaries and birthday celebrations those flashbulbs are going to be popping like Lindsay Lohan got caught leaving a nightclub. 

Not to mention the fact that the camera automatically adds between 10 and 20 pounds. 


What can you do to look better (thinner) in photos?

The experts tell us the following:

  1. Put your tongue on the roof of your mouth before the photo is taken.  This naturally pulls the chin upward, making you look slimmer.
  2. Extend your face slightly forward to erase a double chin.
  3. Stand slightly sideways from the camera, with your weight on your back foot.  This position shrinks the width of your body.
  4. Position your arms slightly away from you upper body by holding your hand on your hip or putting it on you thigh.  This simple change make your arms look toned.
  5. Pull your shoulders back and imagine a string pulling your head upward.  This tried and true model trick improves your posture, while creating a longer, leaner line.
  6. Figure out your “good side”.  I know!  I know! But really, everyone has one and it is usually the left side.
  7. Use the available light to your advantage.  When you are inside, always stand facing wherever the light is coming from.  It will erase everything from wrinkles to bags under your eyes.  Whether inside or outside, don’t stand in direct sunlight because it will cast shadows.
  8. Play for the camera.  Standing there frozen with the deer in the headlights look is a recipe for disaster in pictures.  If it looks like you are having fun, then the picture will look better … and more natural! 
  9. Sometimes, you just have to say NO to having your picture taken.  According to“Sometimes, conditions are perfect for a horrible photo.  You’ve just spent the whole night out, you’re exhausted, the light is horrible, you’re wearing the Big Lebowski clothes (it happens to everyone), you’re sweating, your hair looks like it just spent three days at Katz, oh, well, it’s just not your day.  Say no to the photo. Simple as that.  Okay, if you really cannot say no, do what the fashion editors do; put on the biggest pair of sunglasses you can find!”


Hope some of that helps!

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