Friday, 27 June 2014

Food Friday - That's Good To Know

Not too long ago my daughter and I attended our annual local "Food & Drink Show".  Admittedly it is not the best place to be when you are on a weight loss program, but it was interesting and it is always fun to learn about new types of food.  This was our first time attending the one in our area, but we never miss the Toronto Show.  The shows have different sponsors and between us -- shshsh -- as far as interesting foods, celebrity chef cooking demonstrations and the "bang for your buck", I think the Toronto show is the better of the two.

All that aside, I now follow the show on Facebook and they do have interesting posts.  Most recently it was a series of interesting facts under the heading of "Good Eats".  I hope they carry on the series as I am enjoying the information.

( as you can see they apparently get their information from )

I thought I'd share some of the posts here ...

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