Thursday, 26 June 2014

Vintage Thursdays 4 - Housework as Exercise

Last week I posted this picture from the 1950's and made a comment that it wasn't a bad idea to remember this today.  That got me to thinking.  Is housework legitimate exercise or something we've been sold into believing?

This housework as exercise thing is everywhere.  As I was noticing the plethora of "vintage work out" pictures on the internet it also struck me that the whole "housework as exercise" is certainly not a new one. Does that mean it's valid information, or does it simply mean that we need incentive to get those beds made and floors vacuumed?  Kind of brings up a question very similar to “Which came first -- the chicken or the egg?”

Now I am not denying housework burns calories … it’s darned hard work getting all the cleaning done.  But … who is doing the promoting – men or women?

Are the men convincing the ladies that housework constitutes exercise because …

  1. It keeps the ladies at home doing the housework instead of going out to the gym?
  2. It lets them off the “doing housework hook” if they can convince the ladies it’s “exercise”?
  3. Men just like to watch ladies doing the housework?

Or are the ladies trying to convince themselves because …
  1. We really don’t have time to get all the “chores” done and get to the gym?
  2. The housework becomes a little more bearable if we convince ourselves it is good exercise?
  3. It kills two birds with one stone?


Should we blame the advertisers?

Or just call it all good old fashioned advice and go with the flow of "whatever works" to keep us active.

And for goodness sake ... let's not forget all those creative ways to work in exercise using our handy, dandy everyday household items ...

Above all ... keep smiling!

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