Friday, 18 January 2013

Food Friday (100-calorie Bagels)

Some of the experts in the wide world of weight loss advise us to simplify our diet by eliminating difficult choices.  If you decide on something nutritious and calorie-wise that you also enjoy - have it every day.  The same breakfast and lunch then vary your dinner options between a few tried and true favorites.

Being, by nature, creatures of habit this sounds like pretty sound advice.  Fortunately, I like to have the same thing for breakfast every morning.  Unfortunately, the thing I like to have is a bagel.  One regular size bagel plus a topping and I am well on my way to 300 calories before having any protein, fruit or dairy … that significantly whittles down choices for the rest of the day in a way I don’t care for much.

Yes … I’ve tried having half of the bagel.  But successful weight loss is a mind game as much as anything and for some reason having half of something leaves me feeling deprived.  Laugh if you want to, but that’s just me.  So I was delighted when I came across the 100-calorie bagels.

Yes they are smaller than regular bagels but with an egg and some fruit they make a very satisfying breakfast, don’t leave me feeling deprived in any way and the brand I picked up (Thomas’) actually have the traditional bagel chewiness.  Nothing I hate worse than biting into a bagel anticipating that satisfying traditional taste only to find out it’s nothing but bagel shaped bread.  BLECH!  I know there have been “slim bagels” for quite some time and probably the 100-calorie variety have been as well and just didn’t catch my eye as I was rushing through the grocery store.  I find the slim bagels okay for other uses, but my mouth’s texture meter just didn’t register them as real bagels.

So for me right now … 100-calorie mini-bagels are in my pantry.

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