Thursday, 17 January 2013

Thursday's Random Thought ~ Exercise with the Food Channel

I actually managed to sneak in two treadmill sessions this week.  I'm hoping for one more so that I can log a little distance on my (neglected) virtual walk.  My preference is to listen to music while I am walking.  My playlist's variety of songs that have that driving thump-thump-thump seems to keep my feet moving when my mind starts to think "uh - maybe we're about done now?"  So today I came right home from work, changed immediately into my version of work out clothes (old track pants and a tee-shirt), tied on my running shoes, grabbed my water and my "sweat towel" (very necessary).  I plugged my earphones into the MP3 player and pushed play on my way downstairs (where the treadmill patiently waits).


Dang - forgot to charge the battery.

Okay ... this would NOT turn into an excuse not to work out today!  Television it was!

The reason I don't watch television while I work out is because I really can't concentrate on what's on the screen.  So the 6 o'clock news was out.  My go-to stations for background (don't want to have to pay close attention but need some voices around) television are either The Shopping Channel (and I really, really can't afford to watch that channel this soon after Christmas) or The Food Network (which I probably shouldn't watch anyway ... I think calories fly out at me through the screen and land right on my ass).  Anyway ... The Food Network it was.  Does that strike anyone else as a little oxymoron-ish?  The more I thought about it the more it struck me that I might be a little bit of a masochist.

At the same time it seemed funny enough to warrant an "extra" blog post.  Sure.  Why not?  I like to share my more ridiculous moments.  I also like to include a pic when I can because I think it adds a little interest and colour.  I was pretty sure that I would have to find two pictures and cobble them together in paintshop.

Uhm - NO !!!!

I googled "treadmill" & Food Network" and unbelievably, there it was … a picture of a woman walking on a treadmill while watching The Food Network.

I feel so redeemed ...

I am not alone!

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