Friday, 22 March 2013

Food Friday - Guilt Free "Ice Cream"

Ice Cream is not usually my "go-to" snack, but every once in a while I just get the craving.  When that craving hits it is NOT for a scoop of vanilla in a bowl.  If I am going to indulge it usually involves wanting something that tastes a little decadent.  Since I don't eat ice cream often enough to keep it in my freezer when the craving hits it usually also involves a drive to the nearest ice cream shop.  Be it Dairy Queen, Baskin Robins or Marble Slab, let's face it, the diet is going out the window.

I came across this suggestion on Pinterest and followed it back to a posting by The Kitchn.  It sounds really yummy and much lower in calories and fat than regular ice cream.  I haven't tried it yet, but think that it would definitely satisfy any errant cravings I might suffer.  Since the satisfaction criteria is usually cold, flavourful and creamy ... this seems like it would do the trick.  I might add in some almonds or other nuts just for the crunch I like, but even so, overall it would still be okay on my eating plan.


4 bananas, just slightly overripe (brown spots good, completely black not so good)

2 tbsps creamy peanut butter (optional – thus 2 ingredient ice cream)

2 tsps cocoa powder (Dutch process), (optional – thus 2 or 3 ingredient ice cream 
depending on peanut butter)

DO NOT FREEZE THE WHOLE BANANA, you’ll have a heck of a time blending that 

Peel the bananas and slice them up into 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick slices.

Place the banana slices in the freezer for about an hour or until they are frozen solid.

Put the frozen slices in a food processor and pulse. First they will start to resemble gravel, but keep going. The bananas will soon turn into a frozen mush – at this point, start scraping the sides 
down (you will do this a lot). Or you could add a dash of milk since the liquid will help 
the blending. After a few minutes of stopping to scrape the sides down, the banana begins to blend into a creamy texture.

When the bananas look like whipped ice cream, you can add your mix-ins like peanut butter and/or cocoa powder, chocolate chips, toffee, raspberries, anything goes!

Straight out of the food processor, the ice cream is like soft serve. You can also freeze it for a firmer texture. I find it’s pretty hard (and therefore, brittle) when I scoop it immediately after removing it 
from the freezer. Just give it a minute or two to soften up.

Makes a pint.

My own thought:

For an extra special little treat, before freezing, layer the soft "ice cream" between waffle cookies (Pizzella) or thin chocolate wafers and enjoy an "ice cream" sandwich.  Maybe a little less guilt-free, but better than the processed kind found in the grocery store.  Much more cost efficient too.


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