Thursday, 14 March 2013

Thursday's Random Thought (Both Sides of the Battle)

When I came across this vintage ad a little while ago I, for some reason, saved it to my computer.  Going through some old files I came across it again and had a good look at the picture.

When I saw the ad, my first thought was “Ha-ha-ha, wow, times sure have changed”, because to me the depiction of the girl in the ad would not have seemed ‘skinny’ ten pounds previously.  That’s my 2013 perception (and I’m trying to lose weight) side of the brain thinking.

Contemplating posting it on this blog, intending it to be a nostalgic little chuckle, I immediately became concerned that to some people it may be offensive.  As desperately as I am trying to lose some weight for both health and aesthetic reasons … there are people (both men and women) out there who are just as desperately trying to gain weight for health and aesthetic reasons.  I know, I know, it’s really easy to think, “yeah, I’d like to have THAT problem for a nice change of pace”, but realistically, it’s just as hard trying to go the other way on the scale.  Not to mention the fact that not much has changed over the years.  If there is an issue you are having with your body, there is a company out there trying to help you out ... by lightening your pocket book.

With all due respect to everyone out there, no matter which side of the battle you’re on, I still think it’s an amusing piece of nostalgia.

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