Thursday, 7 March 2013

Thursday's Random Thought (The 5 Stages of Dieting)

It’s been a busy time.  Despite my best intentions I have not posted a proper blog for a couple of weeks.  Usually I use my Monday TOPS meeting discussion as my Monday blog topic but having had one Monday off, then our usual “last Monday of the month is exercise Monday” and this week Executive elections, I haven’t had to prepare a meeting either.

It was a blessing in disguise really because the rest of my life swung completely out of control over the last two weeks.  Anyone having anything to do with the tax process knows that the first three months of the year are crazed, but thankfully that’s finally over.  I got all the employee tax papers out (on time despite my non-cooperative printer … grrrrr).  The rest has gone to the tax accountant so it’s his baby now.

I had a pipe spring a leak in my ceiling downstairs and did not even realize it for a couple of days.  Thankfully the leak dripped into the washing machine, which I always leave open so it doesn’t get the icky smell.  I went downstairs to throw in a load of laundry and the machine was full of water and it was creeping over the top of the machine and onto the floor.  It could have been so much worse but I had to get that fixed and then cleaned up.  There is a life lesson in everything though.  My exercise equipment is downstairs, so had I been exercising regularly I would have noticed the leak sooner, no doubt saving myself a bundle on the next water bill (I’m scared to open THAT envelope when it arrives in the mailbox).  I would have had a better weigh-in this week and be further ahead on my virtual trip.

Living in southern Ontario we also got blasted by winter these last two weeks.  Not as badly as some of our neighbors to the south, but enough so that shovelling snow was a daily event.

Kind of makes me wish I had a Guardian Angel that shovelled snow.  Hmmm ... maybe not!  LOL

But, weather like that really lets you see what kind of neighbours you have.  By personal choice I do not own a snow blower.  I find them just a little bit intimidating and I honestly do not mind shovelling snow, except when it’s the wet, heavy stuff that the street plow deposits at the end of the driveway.  Both of my neighbours do own snow blowers.  The neighbour to the right is a nice fellow and helped a lot with the really heavy stuff, offered with the rest, but I declined.  My choice – but he’s a nice man.  Now my neighbour to the left stopped at his property line and offered to do the rest of my sidewalk for $50, but I declined.  My choice – but he’s an a**!  However, Karma is a bitch and when it snowed again two days later I went out with my trusty shovel and I noticed he was shovelling too.  Well, turns out his snow blower wouldn’t start.  I admit it – like Karma I too can be a bitch – I giggled to myself, just a little.

What does all this have to do with today’s random thought?  Not a lot (I was venting) but I do have a meeting to prepare for next Monday’s TOPS group (yes, I was nominated and elected as leader again, sigh).  While trying to find some information online I stumbled across It’s a blog posted by a very talented couple that use amusing comic characters to illustrate their topics.  The topics range far and wide, but they do have some very clever posts to do with food, exercise and dieting.  This one is called the “Five Stages of Dieting” and considering my struggles to not stray from the path I thought it would be fun to share.

After all “many a truth is spoken in jest”.

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